Monday, October 19, 2009

Jaya Noodle House@ Jaya One, Palm Square

It has been a while I didn't been to PJ Utar, surprisingly opposite the Uni has a newly build medium size mall attached with Cold Storage. You can find bar/pub, fast food chain store, cake house, coffee house and some other Chinese restaurant..still have many shop are not occupied. We walked around the area to hunt for food that attract us..end up we choose this.

The price of the food are reasonable.. for first timer, you may need to take some time to go through the menu, bcoz they serve a lot of foods..

(Click to enlarge the menu)
Two Roasted meat combo noodle RM10.90 - few slices of roasted meat only. Taste - ok

Curry Noodle Combo Special RM12.90 - The curry soup is nice! have a lot of meat and vegetable. Taste - Good

Chicken Rice RM7.60 - Taste - Biasa la..

Loh Pak Gou RM6.00 - Taste - Not bad, but without the chili is nothing
Wan Tan Soup RM6.00
- Taste - ok, a bit salty the wantan

Gin Seng Sea Coconut RM4.80 - Taste - Nice, the sea coconut too little
Ice Lemon Tea RM3.20
Taste - Biasa la..

We stop our car at the road side and get down to take this picture ^^

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